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Welcome to Dark Star Dreams!

We all dream while we sleep, but did you know all those dreams you have hold meaning to your life? This is a service designed to help people understand those dreams and find out what they truly mean to us. 

Whether it's nightmares, lucid dreams or prophetic ones, we can easily translate the language of them for you and give you peace of mind.


Welcome to my website!

My name is Marian.

I specialize in dream readings and Interpretations.

With 25+ years experience studying the language of dreams, it is my joy to share this information with people who need it.

What is a dream reading?

Let's say you had a really scary dream about falling into a river with your dog in the back seat of your car off a bridge. You tell me everything that happened in that dream and I tell you what it means to you. 

Scary dream, I know, although these types of dreams are the most common.

How I break it down is as follows:

River/car/driving/dog/drowning/feeling scared/bridge/dog in car/etc...

Each one of those items are "subjects", each subject has a meaning all its own. 

When put together, the meanings can tell you a small story about what's going on within your life right now. 

This can tell you things about yourself or someone else that you may not have noticed before. 

You can learn how to cope with a situation

You can even learn that your passed on family members are trying to talk to you and tell you something important! 

You apply this knowledge to your daily life to stay on the course or path that is right for you.

Then I send a printed copy of everything we discussed with a few free gifts! 

My readings are extensive, in depth outlines of your dreams and what they mean to you personally.

When requesting a reading, please be sure to include all details, feelings both physical and emotional, times, places, etc as this helps with the interpretation process.

I am available Monday through Saturday from 9AM EST to 11 PM EST

Click the black tab on the top of the page to check out the Services page for details on types of readings offered and pricing.

PayPal is my primary payment option. Other options are available upon request.


Request your Dream Reading today!

To request a reading, simply fill out the form below at the bottom of the page and I will reply within 24 hours. Most of the time it's within the hour your request has been sent. Please include which type of reading you would like to receive in the message box below. We offer three types of readings of which details for each can be found in the services tab at the top of this page. Be sure to check your email!

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