Dark Star Dreams

Take a trip with me on the back of a star ūüĆü

Time is endless, but moreso in dreams

We all dream while we sleep. This service was designed to help people understand those dreams and find out what they truly mean to us. 

Whether it's nightmares, lucid dreams or prophetic ones, we can easily translate the language of them for you and give you peace of mind.


Welcome to my website!

My name is Marian.

I specialize in dream readings and Interpretations.

I'm not a psychic and I'm not a fortune teller. I am an empath who feels emotions, but mostly I am well versed in the language of dreams. I have studied this topic for many years and it is my joy to share this information with people who need it. 

My readings are extensive, in depth outlines of your dreams and what they mean to you personally.

Please be sure to include all details, feelings both physical and emotional, times, places, etc as this helps with the interpretation process.

I am available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

$25 for a detailed reading 

PayPal is my primary payment option. Other options are available upon request.


Real photo taken by myself at the Eerie canal Locks in NY

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